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Our Mission

Teamwork was founded to transform autism therapy and treat it like the individualized education it truly is.

Our purpose is to systematically target each of your child’s needs in order to make meaningful improvements for your family as a whole. We believe that, with better-trained clinicians, a focus on data-driven decision making, and collaboration with the people who care most about your child, your loved one will receive the best possible treatment to achieve their full potential.

Our Values

  • Impact

    Our happiness comes from our ability to serve others. However, it’s not just about improving the lives of people we work with, it’s about maximizing their potential.

  • Collaboration

    There’s no “I” in team. There’s no “I” at Teamwork either. We seek new perspectives aggressively, disagree respectfully, and commit fully once consensus has been reached.

  • Empathy

    Teamwork is built on trust and trust doesn’t come without empathy. We believe that empathy leads to higher productivity and more ethical and moral decision-making.

  • Initiative

    We go the extra mile. We’re always looking to drive better approaches, rapidly respond to change, and take ownership in everything we do.

How do we make sure we stay clinically focused?

The first thing we did: create a clinical board. We created a clinical board comprised of clinicians from fields related to ours (e.g., speech-language pathology) so that we are constantly learning, collaborating, and are always up to date with the newest strategies being published in academia.

Additionally, it’s a firm company mandate that each clinician dedicates at least five hours per week to ongoing professional development. We do this because we know it matters to the quality of services that we provide to you. We want to make it clear that while other companies focus on “billable hours” (hours that they can bill to insurance companies), we make sure our clinicians are constantly educating themselves and honing their skills outside of this time. By supplementing our practice with integrated professional development, our aim is to provide your family with the most knowledgeable and current clinicians possible.

Why do we try so hard to keep our team happy?

Employee turnover can have the single greatest negative impact on your loved one’s progress. If your loved one becomes attached to one of our clinicians and the therapist ends up leaving out of frustration with us (and at no fault to you), then it may take a while for the child to become engaged with a new clinician, regardless of how amazing the new clinician is. Frustrated employees tend to quit when they can’t find satisfaction or meaning in what they’re doing. That’s why Teamwork is so focused on keeping our team happy. Not only that, we believe that when our team is happy, they not only continue to show up, but they care more and do better work.

So how do we try to make our people happy? First, we’re betting heavily on it. Our business model is based on making sure every single employee is salaried, provided benefits, and given all the support needed to grow and have a rewarding career within our organization. To be more specific, support isn’t something we just threw in there like many people throw in the word “etc.” when they run out of ideas. We view support as developing a career trajectory within our platform, or giving them the proper communication channels to share novel best practices easily with the whole organization, or providing the proper training to do a very complex job. We strive to make our therapists feel like we’re looking out for them, so they can do the same for you.

Our Team


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